Ice Handscape

A poetic journey in to a handscape shaped by the ice.

Harsh weather, water and ice shape our landscape. A long life shapes our hands. Hunters going to the Arctic Ocean have experienced heavy labour in a environment that people waiting at home could scarcely imagine. Could their handscape tell us something about the work and environment, which has contributed so heavily to making the hunters who they are?

ishavshanda_posterIce Handscape
Directed by Are Pilskog and Sturla Pilskog
Produced by Blåst Film

Original title: Ishavshanda
Country of origin: Norway
Year of production: 2014
Original language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English
Length: 11 minutes
Distributed by the Norwegian Film Institute



  • 2015: Eurodok in Oslo
  • 2015: Tromsø International Film Festival
  • 2014: Norwegian Documentary Film Festival
  • 2014: Nordic/Docs in Fredrikstad
  • 2014: Bergen International Film Festival
  • 2015: Bergamo International Film Festival
  • 2015: ViewFinders: Atlantic Film Festival for Youth in Canada
  • 2015: BuSho International Shortfilm Festival in Hungar
  • 2014: NFI Julekort by Cinemateket in Oslo
  • 2015: ”Films from the North” – festival-tour in Kina
  • 2015: POLARIZED! Vision festival / short film competition
  • 2015: ”Norsk kort 2015”, collection blue-ray by the Nolrwegian Film Institute