The Silver of the Sea

» BBC could not have done it better … »
– Terje Dale, editor NRK Natur.

One of the world’s greatest natural phenomenon takes place every year off the west coast of Norway, as giant herring shoals up to several kilometres long and wide migrate one thousand kilometres.  In the wake of the herring follow the hunters; bigger fish, whales, birds and not least man.

In “The Silver of the Sea” the local biologist and filmmaker Are Pilskog set out on a journey into the deep to expose this drama. As he follows the destiny of a young puffin chick, whose life is critical to the timing of young herring, the film tells the story of how even the greatest ecosystems of our planet may be vulnerable.

The Silver of the Sea_poster_200x301The Silver of the Sea
Directed by Are Pilskog
Produced by Blåst Film

Original title: Havets Sølv
Country of origin: Norway
Year of production: 2012
Original language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English
Length: 29 minutes
Distributed by Blåst Film



  • 2012: Bergen Interantional Film Festival: Best Norwegian Short Documentary
  • 2013: International Film Festival Pelagos in Rome: Best Film
  • 2013: 36th International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana: Best Independent Film
  • 2013: Dunkirk World Sea Film Festival: Best Ecology and Marine Exploration Film
  • 2013: International Tourist, Ecology, Sports and Culinary Film Festival: Best Photo
  • 2013: Matsalu Nature Film Festival: The Jury’s Special Prize
  • 2014: CMS Vatavaran International Wildlife Film Festival: Special mention
  • 2012: Belgrade International Underwater Film Festival: EUIFA Environment Award


  • 2012: Amanda (Norwegian Oscars): Nominated for Best Norwegian Documentary
  • 2013: Roscars Award: Nominated for Best Sound Design

Official selections:

  • 2012: Norwegian Documentary Festival: Official Selection
  • 2012: Norwegian Short Film Festival: Official Selection
  • 2013: Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival: Official Selection
  • 2013: Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival: Official Selection

Other festival Screenings:

  • 2013: 40th Fathoms Film Festival
  • 2013: Green Screen in Oslo
  • 2013: Reykjavik Shorts & Docs
  • 2012: Wildlife Vaasa International Film Festival
  • 2012: International underwater film festival “Sprehodi pod morjem”