Blåst Film is situated on the North West Coast of Norway. Run by the brothers Are & Sturla, Blåst Film produces documentaries in the crossing between biology, anthropology and exciting storytelling.

«In 1992, when we were 10 and 15 years old, we talked our parents into skipping all other christmas gifts, instead buying a Panasonic VHS videocamera for the whole family. We made a lot of short films the following year, and almost twenty years later we met back home at our parents place to form what today is known as Blåst Film».

‘Blåst’, a blast of wind or air, and the Whales spout. Spout shapes differ among species, which facilitates identification. Our identify is shaped by the fresh air, steep mountains and the storms often coming by our small hometown.


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Blåst Film AS
Jøsokvegen 129
6080 Gurskøy

phonenr: +47 977 66 471